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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 10, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> and we begin with breaking news in southern california where a hostage stand off with armed gun maynes under way at the barbecue restaurant in downey. looks like it just ended moments ago. this was the scene few hours ago. several people with family let out walking out with the hands up. as police surrounded the place in southern california. the customers told police the man did not want to hurt them.
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police scanners indicate as many as 5 people were being held. now the whole incident started as high speed chase. police chased the carjacking suspect for nearly an hour. weaving through freeway and side streets as you can see. at one point the man crashed his vehicle then ran on foot into the restaurant. so far no one has been injured. and just moments ago swat officers rushed inside the restaurant and right now they are escorting people out one by one. unclear right now if the suspect is in custody but it look like the situation is now under control as you watch the s.w.a.t. team rush in the restaurant in downey in southern california. we bring you the latest on the story as it develops for breaking news alert. follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area and if anything changes during this hour go back down and we'll let you know what is happening. amma has the night off. our other top story in. a monster el nino prediction from the national weather service. scientist with the climate prediction center now giving it
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a knife percent chance that we will see el nino conditions this winter. they say it's on track to be one of the most powerful on record. about drew is here live. sounds impressive. but should we start filling sand bag. hard to say whether we get a lot of rain. >> that's the big question. so the players are there el nino gives us a better than normal chance seeing heavy rainfall this winter but it's not a guarantee. climate at prediction center put out monthly update. still see the water right around the equator pacific. rather warm in the el nino phase. 95 percent chance of lasting through the upcoming winter because it's now classified as strong el nino o. thanks to the duration of how long we have had these warm waters in the pacific. so the winter outlook. this is what we say in terms of precipitation. below normal for much of the pacific northwest. above normal sought desert south west and through much of southern california. you do notice the bay area right on the fringe of that
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equal chance of wet or dry and keep watching this it's rather good news that they are confident this will continue through the winter. big story today not the rain unfortunately still the heat. day 4 of the heat wave. record set in san rafael and gilroy. good news we have end in sight to at the time heat wave. let you know when it hits in the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> that's the best news we heard all day. wildfire burning in the sierra foot hills explode entered size. east of the town of jackson off highway 49. late today it consumed more than 14,000 acres and only 10% contained. now the fire has destroyed 6 homes and at least 4500 people have been evacuated so far. and pg&e says 11,000 customers are in the dark now. here's more from reporter tim daily. >> temperatures near 100. tree dry after years of drought.
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butte fire show no, sir sign of letting up. >> evacuation were ordered in the boston yale neighborhood about 4 miles east of the hills richard smith closer to town and was not yet ordered out. >> do you think you are okay here. >> i don't know. they will tell me when they want me to leave a. >> they told me i'm good so far but that was before this happened. >> flames are 150 feet over there. >> they are really high. yes. >>reporter: resident here since the late 60's richard remembers just one fire with this sort of power. though the butte started in am door county jumped the river and then moved south into cal county no one obvious front to fight. seemed to be moving freely in several directions. >> this is highway 26. roads this wide usually help as fire fire breaks with you it is too steep here. it is obviously too dry. fire having no problems getting on both sides of this road.
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>> try to keep it in check as best we can. we have very dry fuel so very difficult to contain this. >>reporter: back at richard house he hung in as long at he coy. are you packed and ready. >> the car is fueled and loade loaded. all i need is my dog. >>reporter: about 20 minutes after that comment it wasn't operational any longer. richard was on his which to safer material the butte fire was too large too close and too dangerous. >> tim reporting. 2 protest force whole foods store in oakland to close early tonight. ♪ around 5:30 tonight protesters stood in front of the check outlines at the store near lake merit singing chanting holding signs us a can see. pro union labor group set up one blockade demanding better compensation and working conditions for employees. the group was protesting after
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security guard was accused of beating up a black customer who got into a fight with a cashie cashier. tonight shoppers were not pleased. >> i'm trying to buy my food and these people won't let me through to buy my food. yes i'm i have nothing i don't agree with what happened but i'm just trying to buy my food. >>reporter: the security guard was fired last week and whole foods hired new security company after the graphic photo of the beating surfaced. protestors say they want to see more accountability from whole foods on several practice. whole foods released statement tonight saying they strongly believe every customer entitled to mutually respectful safe experience in its stores. police in san francisco arrested man who tried to hide in the bay behind at&t park. we were over the fourth street bridge as police negotiated with the man who was hiding on a pipe underneath the pier. police say the chp pulled him over on his motorcycle at fourth and king but he ran away and jumped into the water. police had to brick some of the
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boards on the in order to get him out. after couple of hours they arrested him. he went to the hospital to get checked out after spend that go time in the cold water. fbi offering large reward tonight to help solve a cold case homicide in oakland. bureau now joining forces with the oakland police to find killer of 22-year-old fv person here. he was fatally shot after fender bender more than two years ago. abc 7 news the reporter cornell was there when the fbi announced it is joining the investigation. >> he was a 22-year-old with bright future. recent graduate from the university of oregon and living back in the bay are area. to start a career. >> i want nothing more at ten giving him the justice he deserves, as a mother. >> sheree new her plea to find her son killer and now the fbi is standing with her. >> it's a part of a larger fbi strategy. if to address the most violent crime in the city.
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>> fbi now offering a 25,000 dollar reward in addition to 100,000 dollars already offered by the family. it can be seen on the fbi web site and digital billboard on interstate 8 80. all from information leading to the arrest of 2 suspects who shot him the tonight of june 1 12, 2013 after minor fender bender. >> our hope is that somebody has a little bit of informatio information. >> fbi has assisted o pd before with cold cases but now agent will be sharing office space at police headquarters not far from homicide detectives. >> they are overwhelmed. but if they certainly need all the help they can get. >> not that we are trying to come in and say we can do a better job. absolutely not. it is if let's assist the oakland police department and targeting the most violent. >> speak up. don't be afraid. >> the family is confident someone has information police
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need to warm the trail of this cold case. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> bicyclist caught on video smashing car with bike lock went before a judge today. first court appearance for ian the 39-year-old charged with false imprisonment. assault. vandalism and inciting a riot. police say during last month critical mass cycling event he blocked the driver from leaving then hit the car with his bike lock. >> this case was very egregiou egregious. it's really important to send clear message that if you engage in this kind of flavor will be consequences. >> the charges are defensible and look forward to presenting that defense in court. >> the mother who you see here was in court. didn't say anything. judge set the bail at 90,000 dollars. he's expected back in court on monday. >> spray painting of apartment chinese graffiti any san francisco is galvanizing many
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communities. we were at the entrance to china town as dozens of people demonstrated against hate crime. group included members of the asian american, african american and lgbt community and worried that hate speech is on the rise in the city and they want it stopped. >> we stand every day. every district. many any time it shows up to make sure that our community and our friends are with us to say it's not tolerated. >> the faith phrase no more chinese showed up in different parts of san francisco on monday. next day police arrested this man. 62 year old john if and charged him with vandalism app hate crimes. >> more to bring you here on this thursday night. coming. fellow follow-up on the beating death of south bay inmate. new steps now being taken to ensure steps now being taken to ensure that it will not happen again >> governor has veto a bill that would have banned drones that fly over your house. >> are we in for yet another
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hot one. drew is right back hot one. drew is right back with the full forecast >> and this is a live picture from that hostage stand off in southern california. we had at the top of the broadcast. we have update
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and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. harvoni should not be taken with any medicines containing amiodarone, rifampin, or st. john's wort. it also should not be taken with any other medicine that contains sovaldi. side effects may include tiredness and headache. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. >> breakings nusz in southern california where hostage situation is unfolding at the
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pits barbecue restaurant in downey. just before the top of the hour we saw swan officers storm inside bring several people out in handcuffs. it is not clear if the suspect that started this whole incident is in custody but witnesses heard barrage of gunfire at the scene and also heard flash bang grenade. started after armed man led police on high speed chase. fired shots into the air and entered the crowded restaurant. sister station in l.a. says between of 70 and 80 people including children have been safely evacuated from the restaurant. stay with us for updates and breaking news here during this hour and follow us on twitter on this web site. fit the santa clara county sheriff supervisors are calling for the creation of a special commission to look into how the jail is run. that's after 3 31-year-old inmate was beaten to death two weeks ago allegedly by guards who are now facing charges. here's many david louie. >> tell this is an identical
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block one story down where 31-year-old michael tyree beat tone death. cell don't have bar. they have wooden doors with small window to provide inmates some privacy. but that privacy may have prevented others from witnessing what happened. county officials want to create a blue ribbon commission to look at what improvement can be made in operations to prevent a rae pete tragedy. >> we ask the come dogs conduct the work quickly so we can begin implement rae form at rapid pace. >> major focus will be on how to deal with mentally ill. fast growing percentage of the county 3600 inmates. >> of that about 48 percent of that inmate population men and women suffer some type of mentdal illness diagnosed by our custody health staff. >>reporter: sheriff smith says recruit in academy class under way now will get more crisis intervention training which include dealing with mental ill. >> we add to that academy that if will mane that they have an additional week in the academy
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40 hours of training so all correctional staff have received some mental health training but now we put in the 40 hour block into the correctional academy. >> county also seeking more input from the public. >> we ask for the establishment of anonymous hotline and that way people can call in and make whether accusations or they want to make recommendations they can do that in a very safe manner. >> approval of blue ribbon commission guess to the supervisors next week. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> a producer spoke with one of the jail guard arrested for michael tire remurder. you find out what he said tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. we put that together for you now. >> san francisco county jail will soon house transgender inmates based on the gender preference. plan by sheriff will make the jail the first county facility in the country to have such a policy. he says the plan will go if effect by
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year-end with each transgender inmate housing location decided on case by case basis. plan will allow pre-operative transgender inmate to permanently join the population% of the preferred gender. state prison put transgender inmates in new facility only once the transition is complete. governor has veto a bill that would have banned the flying of drones over private property. the bill would have created a no fly zone of 350 feet over private property and would have made drone pilot fl flyable for the damage. governor says the bill went too far. he says it could expose the well intention hobbyist. to lawsuits so he shot that bill down so to speak. all right. drew is back with the forecast. >> we need a break. this is unbelievable. didn't hit 108 somewhere day. really hot. triple digit. heat wave got one more day. >> okay. >> then feel really nice by the weekend. especially sunday. 15 to 20 degrees cooler so feel
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really nice by sunday. fv we see quiet outside and look who is back? live from the sutro tower cam are. yes the fog and low clou cloud. indication of the klaption that are beginning. cooler along the coast tomorrow but we will still see some very warm temperatures inland sought forecast calls for at least one more day of the triple digit heat inland. by the weekend we turn partly cloudy. sign of the cooler air moving in. a little bit on the humid side for the weekend then we are totally back to normal by much of next week. the out there right now is still very hot in spots. 83 in antioch. still 86 degree ins livermore. at this hour much more comfortable temperatures right around the immediate bay. 67 in oakland. 61 in san francisco. 64 in novato and a half moon bay. spot to consolidate off is 67. san jose mild right now at 77 degrees. so live doppler 7hd satellite and napping our atmosphere first of all a big area of high pressure. ridge rather strong so heat wave will
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extend for a fifth day in friday. but what will happen by saturday and really into sunday what was the remnant of linda the tropical system to our south that will help to kick the high out of here over the weekend and bring in some cooler numbers so future weather pick it up from here. so-cal some showers but here in the northern portion of california really the bay area saturday that sunday you notice partly cloudy out there. cooler but also touch more humid with that truly tropical atmosphere overhead. so overnight tonight. one more night of rather uncomfortable sleeping weather so to speak. upper 50's to upper 60's across the bay under mainly clear skies. off the bus stop tomorrow morning the school forecast is cool in spots tomorrow morning. mid 50's likely in the north bay. elsewhere we stay in the 60's. summer spread by the midday and afternoon. coast not too bad upper 60's to lower 70's but hot inland still in triple digit. lets brick down the high tomorrow in make row climate at. south bay. friday 93 in san jose. hot morgan
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hill 100. 91 in sunnyvale peninsula we good. 92 redd with city. half man bay 68 pacifica 70 to. yes for millbrae. downtown san francisco we are slowly taking baby step to consolidate off but still warm tomorrow by 79 degrees. head to daly city much cooler at 69 to escape the heat. 96 in santa rosa to. 98 sonoma. 90 in vallejo. 92 san rafael. 102 in clover dale. into the east bay oakland tomorrow. 85. 88 san leandro. 92 fremont. berkeley 84 degrees and rather hot for one more day. 103 pittsburgh. 99 san ramone and 104 the high in livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast show you hot one more day. heat wave break on saturday and into sunday cooling trend hit us on monday tuesday and back to average with a little change wednesday and that thursday. hold on one more day. >> too late. >> the thanks very much.
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>> sure. >> moving on here. still to come at 9. first video out of hungarian refugee camp. police throwing food at the people in. throwing food at the people in. latest
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>> discount retailer is the latest target of smash and grab burglary in the bay area. it happened early this morning at the tjmaxx store in san carlos. police say security alarm went off just before 5:00 a.m. officers arrived to find this broken window in the front. they searched the area with police dog. they didn't find the burglar. no word yet on how much merchandise was stolen. >> san jose launching food drive unlike any other really. we were in san jose as the city
9:25 pm
announced it was teaming up with waist no food. web site app founded by teenager tell kooern schroeder. waste no food let business donate left over food to charity. >> donor can post excess food in under a minute. they can take a picture of the food and then the charity in the area will then get push notification alert on the phone that excess food is available and then can claim it. >> way to go app has already been used by san jose company to donate 10,000 meals otherwise would have just been thrown away. the need is big in silicon valley where 1 in 4 residents does in the have enough food to eat. >> the ferry service between tiburon and san francisco could be cut back to single round trip per day. ferry currently makes 7 round trips a day and carries about 225,000 passengers per year. but the rising cost and aging ferry that may need to be replaced prompted blue and gold fleet to
9:26 pm
reach out to golden gate transportation district. district board will consider it at meeting tomorrow. let you know what they decide. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at then is up next. as we continue the magazine quote getting donald trump into some trouble and what he had to say about it today. >> also. the europe biggest refugee emergency since world war ii. this scene at camp in hungary. what the united states has now agreed to do. >> and scientist shock the world with apparently a brand new species of man. how facebook play add small role in the discovery. stay here with me. another half hour of 7 fuss at 9:00
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>> and good evening again. we begin this half hour with the rest for the white house. donald trump is under fire tonight for controversial comments he made about 2 of his republic cab rivals including the only republican woman in the race. abc news reporter karen travers has the story. >> donald tru was on the defensive thursday. pulling back from remark he made about fellow republican candidate carly fiorina to rolling stone. look at that face. would anyone vote for. that can you imagine that the face of our next president? this morning on the view trump back peddling. >> she failed miserably at hewlett-packard then ran for the senate. lost in a land slide now she's running for president. >> then why don't you gawk her brain instead of her face. >>reporter: on cnn tang well dr. ben carson. former neurosurgeon and devout christian. trump clothes riva rival. >> i don't think he's a great religious figure. and i saw him yesterday and he was quoting on humility and lacked
9:31 pm
like he just memorized it about 2 minutes before he made the quote. >>reporter: respond by telling abc news when it comes trump he will turn the other cheek. >> i'm not going to get that the mud and sling dirt. not the kind of person i am. >>reporter: in new hampshire jeb bush weighed in rson and fi. >> they have to get in line. i think i'm the no. 1 beneficiary of the donald's insult. >>reporter: and across the aisle hillary clinton stumpping in ohio calling out trump as well. >> 30's one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women. if he emerges, i would love to debate him. >>reporter: trump phoning into fox news firing back. >> beating her in the debate would be easy challenge of my life. >>reporter: abc news washington. >> the on capitol hill today iran newshawk deal surveyed key vote in the senate in victory for the president. democrat had enough vote to block republican from pushing forward
9:32 pm
resolution against the deal. senate republican vow to keep fighting. house republicans also trying to find a way to stop the agreement. >> we will use every tool at our disposal to stop, slow, and delay this agreement from being fully implemented. >> our bill need to solve a massive national security problem and prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons without resort to war is historic achievement and has to be pursued. >>reporter: house will hold 3 votes open the nuclear deal one of which open the door to suing president obama to block the agreement. more than 400,000 refugee and migrant now crossed the mediterranean this year to escape the fighting in syria. it's europe biggest refugee emergency since world war ii. that bad. and here is the perilous path. hundreds of thousands are taking. first the boat to greece then foot and train to germany and
9:33 pm
austria. this is the first video to make it out of hung rear refugee camp. shows police throwing food at the people inside. video shot by the wife of austrian politician who posted it on you tube sought well world could see it. and today president obama told advisors he wants to let 10,000 syrian refugee that the united states. germany alone has received nearly 1 80,000 applications for asylum. >> well tonight the nypd top cop apologiesing to former tennis star james pwlaichblingt officer who mistook him for a suspect on his is on desk duty after slamming the tennis star to the ground and handcuffing him. we have more. >> new york city police say they have personally apologized to former tennis champ tackle in the case of mistaken identity. if james blake once rank number 4 in the world telling robin robtsd he was standing on a bids manhattan street when a plain clothes
9:34 pm
officer ran directly toward hi him. >> picked me up body slam me and put me open the ground and turn over and shut my mouth and put the cuffs on me. >> police official identifying the officer as james frank. >> i said officer i'm scared. so if i say something wrong i'm sorry. police say blake looked like this man in a picture her rment make matters worse he too was innocent person wrongly identified. >> do you see the two photo together the similarities are remarkable. >>reporter: tennis star not backing down. >> this happens too often and most times it's not to someone like me. >> investigators rae view surveillance footage from the scene. officer in question now placed on administrative leave. his gun and his badge removed. abc news new york. >> over seas whole houses swept away in japan after the flooding. officials there called unprecedented look at the floodwater pouring over this river north of tokyo. in
9:35 pm
some areas as much as 19 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. 100,000 people forced from the homes. at least 8 still unaccounted for. japan weather agency warns more intense flooding is possible as the weather system moves north. >> new species has been discovered in dark cave chamber in south africa but tonight some are disputing the find. steven tucker the lead scientist in the discovery nee needed to find other scientist who would be able to fit through the 7 inch crack to get to the area where the fossil were. tucker advertised for research assistance on facebook for thin scientist in the clause to phobic. the 6 women took the challenge and work in the chambers. communicated with tucker and other researchers outside with camera. scientist found more than 1,000 fossil bones. tim white believes the discovery may not be a new species but tucker and the team say the only they only excavate add
9:36 pm
small section of the cave and that there are more bones in it as well to research. >> federal government tonight is announcing strict new standard aimed at keeping the food safer. fda is reacting to several outbreak like the one at this peanut butter plant in new mexico. salmonella there sicken dozens of people back in 2012 and may recall blue bell ice cream which is big in the south was recalled recently due to listeria contamination. fda require all food processing plant to submit food safety plans. must show they use proper technique for handling food and sanitizing the equipment. >> subject of food. well known bay area are chef was honored today at the white house. >> alex waters. >> alex waters the owner of famous restaurant in berkeley was one of 21 people awarded national art and humanitarian
9:37 pm
medal activist for healthy cooking gardening in schools. white house says she was a champion of a holistic approach to eating and health. also honored today author stanford professor wolf. high honest indeed. >> coming up next. new wrinkle about sun daniel and why you may have to protect yourself indoors and even at night. indoors and even at night. i'll
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>> there is new warning out tonight about the damage the sun can do to your skin and as cheryl jennings explains the damage can occur long after sup actually guess down. >> by now most of us know the importance of protecting our
9:41 pm
skin from the sun. >> i do what i can to protect myself as much as i can while i'm outside. >> but new study from yale school of medicine reveals the sun ultraviolet ray continue to damage skin well in the night. process researchers are calling the dark damage. scientist hone in on property texas of the skin and found the cell continue to act lake they are exposed to ultraviolet light even when the source is no loer there. >> the sun damage continues to happen in your cell on dna level for several more hours. >>reporter: dermatologist dr. dr. the chee says new data reinforce the importance of wearing sun screen but may suggest more protection is needed. >> on top of wearing sun screen during the day maybe we'll in the future have to wear a cream after our sun exposure to prevent further dfa damage in the evening hours. >>reporter: she says recent study show antioxidant may also help. >> like blue berry and green tea can prevent antioxidant days and we also know that you
9:42 pm
can put that on your skin in the form of vitamin a retinol and vitamin c and other antioxidant ingredient. >>reporter: and of course limiting exposure to the sun whatever possible. >> my rule of thumb is as long as you do everything in moderation you should be okay. >>reporter: cheryl jennings abc 7 news. >> now researchers did find that the chemical process responsible for dark damage happened fairly slowly so cream might be developed in order to disrupt it. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. it is kick off time for the nfl. why that means it's make or break time for san francisco mayor ed lee
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>> fascinating look tonight at pluto up close and in high resolution. nasa released new set of high quality images this afternoon of the dwarf planet. the image show pluto heart shape region covered in ice. all pictures taken by the new horizon spacecraft during the pluto pass by in july. craft launch in 2006 and took more than nine years to reach pluto. this is one last look back at pluto dark side as spacecraft jetted off into the distance. new horizon 33 million miles past pluto already. imagine. just incredible. one last check on the weather. let's go to the drew. maybe it's a little cooler on pluto. >> negative something. >> i'll take it. >> people would love to feel
9:47 pm
some cooler temperatures. one more day this heat wave and by the weekend much more comfortable. live doppler 7hd it's quiet. there was a heat wave also on the east coast. it broke today. cold front moving through and cold front is slow to depart. still unsettled weather the out of the 90's back in the 80's even back west. still rather warm. salt lake city 90 and portland tomorrow up to 96 degrees. by the weekend we financially get to the rim of high pressure that is bringing the warmth to push to the east and out of tomorrow one mr. hot day. 108 sacramento 91 l.a. 78 monterey. 106 palm springs. zoom in to the bay area tomorrow. still hot inland in the triple digit. coast begins to cool off tomorrow only in the upper 60's. 70 and 80's around the media bay. 96 santa rosa. 93 san jose. accu-weather forecast hot tomorrow warm muggy cooler by saturday and sunday especially then monday and tuesday we have a steady pattern of much more
9:48 pm
comfortable numbers. september finally. >> thanks drew very much. >> nfl season kicked off tonight in san francisco enjoying the status as the host city of superbowl 50. events along the embarcadero today including a concert at justin herman plaza. him if we have e story. >> for nfl fans it was a day in paradise. golden football and the next superbowl trophy on display at pier 35 reminder san francisco host the 50th superbowl in february in santa clara. >> doesn't happen very often that something this exciting happens in your own city so it's great. >> nfl season connects off tonight but renee of manteca a true raider fan is paying more attention to the weekend. >> looking forward to sunday when we go against the beige in section 3 13. many activities to engage future forty-niner
9:49 pm
fans. >> i was born here in san francisco. you something for everybody including news reporter who horsepower to show up to play in heels. off they came. now give me your best shot. wow! that was fast. missed it. one more try. glory day. while the bay area preparing for superbowl 50, san francisco is also trying tohighs city by trying to get the homeless off the streets. goal of the mayor. >> jail is not the alternative. we never offered that as alternative. we offer our services and now i'm backing it one some serious numbers of housing units. >> city officials show off this navigation center located in the mission district. unlake shelter it's a place intended for transient to seek services and mav out of their current homeless status. city wants to allocate more funds to the project and urging private donor to help them open more
9:50 pm
centers like this one. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> all part of the package that means bringing superbowl 50 here to the bay area. 5 month hard to believe. >> going to be here soon. >> first thing tomorrow morning get lean back in the sports department. if con t pretty face. >> don't get risk a face. >> about technique. on television right hear. >> we get hired look at the face. >> insured for yours. >> mary hart leg. >> millions of dollars. i may look into this. the more seriously. >> 50 dollars. if. >> something lower. lower premise what we are going for. >> more sports. after winning -- tom brady took to the field tonight. in new england. and he returned with a kind of vengeance that the i show right
9:51 pm
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is. >> suspect in the southern california hostage stand off has been found dead. we have mr. on 7 news at 11:00 o'cloc o'clock. also jail guard accused of killing inmate tells his side of the story. but one of the men arrested for michael tyree murder told 7 news producer in. and celebrating the last dance with "dancing with the stars". alum cheryl burke and why she's packing up her dancing shoes. those stories and more coming up on 7 stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel a. >> bread bark in action. >> highly motivated for this. >> oh, yes. he was fired. >> the after months of deflate gate controversy tom brady took to the field tonight in the season opener. finally a chance for brady to take out his frustration on the field and steelers did they pay the
9:55 pm
price. patriots owner robert craft showing off superbowl hardware there. steelers wish brady was on the suspension. 4 minutes in. 16 yard touch down i have the p si right here. 7 nothing. pats. brady completed 19 straight pass look at the touch over 2 defender. spike. patriots led 14 at the half. throw for 280 yards 4 touch down. if all day to throw. 351 and touch down on laser strike the to mark us who somehow gets the speed inbound. pittsburgh settle for field goal. within a touch down. steeler said stop rob get physical at the lip of jim annual. a plan b anybody. 3 touch down catches. pats win season opener 28-21 the final. >> pretty special night. so i was excited. our whole team was excited. we haven't had one of these games in a long time. always fun to be out there and opportunity to good play and we take advantage of it. gwynn.
9:56 pm
but our guys played hard. >> very good. >> biggest story license from niner training camp this summer was rugby star turned running back. 53 man roster heading that the niners open monday night against minisociety will he play in the game. niners being a little cagey on the issue. seen on the scout team today at practice. if he does take the field he will be returning punt and extraordinary. crazy if they don't play him but as big of a deal ease is in the u.s. hane is superstar in australia. something reporters made clear to 9er coaches today. >> realize australian declare the war if if. >> you know washington i'm aware of that. jared is a heck of a player. very talented. young player. if needs to
9:57 pm
mature a little bit as far as getting experience. but. >> you better play jared hane. so much of the nineers success this season defends on collin. more accurate. throw more touch. will he get better at reading defense? he learned a lot from the man who gave him his chance to start with the niners. his former coach jim harbaugh. >> he taught mae lot. a lot about professional offense. a lot about the defenses. how they can react and change based on what you are doing and what the game plan might be so really can't say one thing he taught mae lot. >>reporter: derek car may be in second year with raiders but already made enough of impression to be named one of the team captain heading into the 2015 season. raiders host the bengals on sunday in the season opener home game. running back reece and defensive end tuck and safety charles woodson as part or the of the group of captain and teammate voting for him.
9:58 pm
>> means the world to me. that right there about for it to be something that other people say about you. that the meant a lieutenant to me. really did t.and it meant a lieutenant to me to see the other guys make it. >> warriors forward green signed a huge contract this summer and he's been quick to share the wealth of his alma mater. he donated 3.1 million dollars to michigan state university athletic department. largest student athlete donation in school history. slightly edging out previous donation by magic johnson and steve smith. that donation will good to support facilities and endowment. >> we always preach the student athlete but i feel a lieutenant of the team that student part is left out. i is want to make sure that was a part of what i give back. i'm excited bit. i'm excited to continue to watch our program go and watch our program grow and to be part of that means the tworld me and
9:59 pm
i'm punk about it. >>reporter: vane a williams was scheduled to play robert a in the women semifinal at the u.s. open today but they got rained out. match postponed until tomorrow. and drew tells me they will play fchltd drew says it i believe it. other similar between hall and pin take place tomorrow. women final set saturday so in day off to rest. they have to play friday then saturday. sports brought to you by toyota. you had it on the phone. >> right. >> new york weather in a second. in his head this guy is good. >> new york tomorrow. >> warm 82. sunny. >> tucson. >> yes. >> chatanooga. >> the thanks. >> sorry. >> wow! >> give him a couple minutes. >> that is our report. >> for all of us here. for drew on the spot. larry i'm dan.
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. rae carruth is one of the biggest stars in football until his pregnant girlfriend is shot and the cops flag the wide receiver as their prime suspect. and a shocking past of a suburban mom is exposed after she's accused


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